Industrial applications
North Ontario Coatings specializes in applications that require protection from the elements and mother nature. Your property will gain value and longevity due to the products we offer. Our services also can store petroleum and petroleum products. You can choose from many attributes to ensure your property saves its value over the years. 
  • Protecting of Combine/equipment at factories
  • Providing non-slip flooring for a safe work environment
  • Repairing or restoring ponds with a new coating solution
  • Applying to commercial ponds/water containment
  • Stables/livestock enclosement
  • Cement truck linings (inside)
  • Water-slides
  • Pumps/Irrigation Solutions
  • Roof Linings
  • Cover harmful materials and seal them forever
North Ontario Coatings can be coated onto any shape or type of equipment regardless of age. Our lining material will increase the life of your vechicles including: 
  • Forklift machinery
  • Plows
  • Work Trucks
  • Hoes
  • Farm Equipment
  • BullDozers
Pickup Bed Liners, Commercial Applications
Our unconditional Lifetime Warranty or written term includes the customization of any texture and color to hold your load in place. Our clean-easy, non-slip linings will compete with any brand in mil height, features, longevity, and quality approval.
  • Very easy to install
  • Will not warp under stressful conditions
  • Resistant to corrosive chemicals
  • FDA Approved - USDA Approved - very safe for livestock, kids, food, you name it!
  • Any texture - orange peel, soft, smooth, grainy
  • Any color including clear
Trailer Floors
Our trailer linings will apply layers that secure your cargo in place. We also guarantee absolutely no peeking, cracks, slippage, or warping.
  • Stop the degradation of your vehicle before it starts
  • Very easy to maintain!
  • Will stick to any textured surface on your trailer floor
  • livestock/stables, Boats, and many other cargo related items
  • Increase the re-sale cost of your possessions
Flooring Applications
We cover all types of applications including residential and commercial linings. It will save your surface from foot traffic and high/low temperature drops (flash freezes, heat waves, etc) 
  • Guarantee for surface protection
  • Easier to clean with our smooth surface options
  • Chemical resistant for life
  • Not brittle under extreme temp conditions
  • Weather resistant and shock resistant
  • Customize your color, texture, and mil height to meet any of your specifications
Stop your boat from leaks and your hull from vibration with a strong coating inside! from leaking. We have seen many people increase the boat's resale value using our coating product!







 We form relationships with our engineers, laboratory  technicians, and applicators to ensure satisfaction of our crew and customers.