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We Serve all of North Ontario including Peterborough, Barrie, Haliburton, Eagle Lake, Harburn, Sudbury, Sault Saint Marie, Pembroke, Kanata, Algonquin, Provincial Park, Ottawa and neighboring regions.

Our newest product is spray-on clear paint protection coating. Ask us today about our product which is stronger and less expensive than ClearBra and ClearMask! Protect your car, boat, or virtually any surface with our clear, invisible paint protection coating.

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Polyurea - $23/gallon
Polyurea Hybrid - $26/gal
Polyaspartic - $52/gal
Aliphatic Polyurethane - $27/gal
Epoxy - $24/gal
Epoxy Hybrid - $28/gal

Urethanes - $.22-$1.87/sq ft at 125 mils  

Polyaspartic - $.47-$2.32/sq ft at 125 mils

Polyurea- $.67-$2.23/sq ft at 125 mils 

Epoxies/Hybrid - $.38-$3.33/sq ft at 125 mils

Poly-Hybrid - $.17-$2.02/sq ft at 125 mils         

Acrylic Linings - $.03-$5.18/sq ft at 125 mils

Aliphatic Polys- $.03-$.78/sq ft at 125 mils